Photo Zac Alchin Credit: Lindsay Moller Photography

Eire Constructions, one of the leading civil construction companies on the Mid North Coast is directly supporting engineers and tradespeople of the future through our Diamond Sponsorship of the Hastings Education Fund.

“On behalf of HEF Chair Jim O’Brien, our Patrons Helen & John Ross and our whole management committee, may I express our appreciation to Eire Constructions, for continuing your sponsorship of HEF at the highest Diamond level in 2019.”

Eire Constructions have a strong workforce who specialise in road and utility construction, subdivisions and land development, water, sewer and drainage infrastructure.

Our strength and success is primarily dependent on our people and we are invested in creating opportunities for young people to become highly trained, competent and committed to the industry.

Training boost for three students thanks to Eire Constructions

The major beneficiary of the Eire Constructions HEF sponsorship is Zac Alchin who completed his HSC in 2018 at Camden Haven High School. Zac enrolled in the Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree at the University of Newcastle and is now settling into his first semester of studies.

Moving away from home to live near university is both challenging and costly for young people from our area, and Zac has applied his HEF grant towards some of these expenses, as well as his purchase of the compulsory textbooks, safety boots and equipment to get started on the course.

Eire’s contribution also assists Mitch Middleton and Joe Johnson. Mitch is working towards the TAFE Building & Construction Certificate IV and Joe is studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Newcastle.

“Through this Diamond sponsorship, Eire is a important contributor to much-needed student grants to help young people from the Port Macquarie Hastings area navigate the considerable financial challenges of starting post-school study,” said HEF Chair Jim O’Brien

Eire Constructions wish the students every success in their training and studies.