Windale 1 WWPS Upgrade

Project Details

  • Address:Pacific Highway, Bennetts Green NSW
  • Client:Hunter Water Corporation
  • Value:$2.9M
  • Start Date:October 2013
  • Finish Date:June 2014
Key Components: Sewer Bypass Management, Electrical Installations, Concrete Constructions - Water Retaining Structures, Concrete Constructions - Pavements,

Population growth in the communities of Windale and Gateshead necessitated the need for improvements in critical water and sewer infrastructure. In an effort to provide a sewerage network of increasing reliability to the community Hunter Water commissioned Eire Constructions to build the Windale 1 WWPS Upgrade.

The Windale 1 WWPS Upgrade involved increasing storage capacity and the augmentation of the pumping output of station. The station upgrade included the conversion of the existing dry well wet well pumping arrangement to a modern pumping arrangement utilising submersible pumps.

The Project involved alterations to the existing pump well arrangement, application of corrosion protection to internal surfaces of wet well, installation of new discharge pipework and pumps, construction of an offline storage chamber, construction of hardstand and access road to the station.

Eire Constructions also managed the upgrade of existing electrical installations, switchboards and telemetry as part of the mechanical upgrade of the station and the design and implementation of a bypass system to complete the Upgrade.

The project was successfully delivered on time to Hunter Water by Eire Constructions with no environmental incidents and injury free.