Williamtown 1 WWPS Construction

Project Details

  • Address:Williamtown Drive, Williamtown NSW
  • Client:Hunter Water Corporation
  • Value:$1M
  • Start Date:August 2013
  • Finish Date:February 2014
Key Components: Pump Station Construction, Gravity Sewer Construction, Concrete Constructions - Water Retaining Structures,

Williamtown 1 WWPS was completed as part of the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy to construct an employment generating precinct for the Williamtown and Tomago areas. The project was commissioned by Hunter Water to enable the Williamtown sewerage catchment to cope with the increase in the expected population growth as a result of the development.

The Williamtown 1 WWPS Upgrade consisted of the construction of a 284 kl cast-insitu wet well capable of delivering 82 L/s pumped output, a 500kl capacity storage chamber and associated gravity sewerage structures including 8700m of rising main.

The works to install the wet well were complex given the poor ground conditions and the depth of the station exceeding 6 metres in depth. A dual stage spear point dewatering system was installed and managed by Eire Constructions for the duration of the works. In addition, Eire Constructions were responsible for the design development and construction of 4 trenchless pipeline crossings and an odour control system for the Williamtown 1 WWPS.

The project was successfully delivered to Hunter Water without incident and or injuries to our employees.