Waratah Reservoir Assets Relocation

Project Details

  • Address:Edith Street, Waratah NSW
  • Client:Hunter Water Corporation
  • Value:$1.2M
  • Start Date:September 2014
  • Finish Date:April 2015
Key Components: Utilities Relocation, Pipeline Construction,

The Waratah Reservoir Assets Relocation project was necessitated due to pending development of the Mater Hospital, Waratah. The contract works included the relocation of critical water supply infrastructure to allow the eventual removal of two reservoirs.

Mild Steel and Ductile Iron pipelines to 900 millimetre in diameter were relocated, and redundant water main pipeline capped, as part of the works in a confined urban area. Some electrical infrastructure was relocated with the Critical Water Supply assets.

Eire Constructions again proved its capacity to be versatile and adaptable by fabricating the large majority of Mild Steel Pipework (Bends and In-situ Welding) onsite and contributing to the final design of the works.

The installation of the Trunk Mains required trenching to a depth of eight metres by Eire Constructions.

The project was successfully delivered on time to Hunter Water by Eire Constructions with no environmental incidents and injury free.