Lochinvar Water Pump Station

Project Details

  • Address:St Helena Close, Lochinvar , NSW
  • Client:Hunter Water Corporation
  • Value:$2.3M
  • Start Date:January 2016
  • Finish Date:September 2016
Key Components: Pump Station Construction, Electrical Installations, Demolition, Concrete Constructions - Pavements,

Eire Constructions were engaged by Hunter Water Corporation to construct a new Water Pump Station in Lochinvar to address existing system issues and cater for future development in the region. The Works were essential in providing the community with a secure water supply, improved water quality and water pressure of an acceptable standard.

The project required increasing the capacity of the Water Pump Station from 4ML per day to 14 ML per day and included construction of a new building, installation of new pumps, upgrading the electrical components, construction of a new switchboard, and construction of access roads and hardstands.

A number of the critical components for the project were only available on long lead times and the project team successfully managed the construction program to ensure that delays were minimised and the project remained on track for the required completion date.

The project was delivered on program and injury and incident free.