Dunbogan Flood Access Road – Stage 1b

Project Details

  • Address:The Boulevarde, Dunbogan
  • Client:Port Macquarie Hasting Council
  • Value:$2.4M
  • Start Date:August 2015
  • Finish Date:March 2016
Key Components: Traffic Management, Road Construction, Pipeline Construction,

Dunbogan Access Road – Stage 1b construction was completed as part of the Camden Haven Flood Management Plant for Port Macquarie Hastings Council, to provide flood access and an evacuation route for the community of Dunbogan during a 1 in 20 year flood.

The project involved 300 metres of roadway being raised 1.5 metres including the construction road embankment to final sealing works, relocation of services, installation of road furniture and ancillary items, landscaping and final restoration of site.

The construction works were completed in close proximity to environmentally sensitive flood plain and SEPP Swamps. Difficult ground conditions lent to alternative foundation treatments along the length of the alignment and the control of groundwater during the construction period.

Complex traffic management strategies were implemented whilst lane-by-lane construction of the embankment and pavement layers were completed, to ensure continuous access for the Dunbogan community via The Boulevarde.