Canberra Sewerage Pump Station Refurbishments

Project Details

  • Address:Various locations Canberra
  • Client:AAT Alliance
  • Value:$1M
  • Start Date:September 2014
  • Finish Date:April 2015
Key Components: Sewer Bypass Management, Pump Station Upgrade, Design & Construction,

Eire Constructions were contracted to work with the AAT Alliance to upgrade five sewage pump stations around the vast Canberra Network.

The project involved the design, upgrade and bypass of the existing pump stations, incorporating the refurbishment of discharge pipework, pumps, concrete structures and ancillary metal work.

The innovative sewer bypasses developed by Eire Constructions for the refurbishment work gave the construction team and the client the ability to monitor the bypasses in real time, limiting the risk of environmental emergencies resulting from bypass failure.

Eire Constructions, working as part of the Alliance Team, facilitated the successful delivery of the completed project by ensuring that all project milestones were exceeded or met, thus ensuring that the electrical and commissioning teams had sufficient time to complete their section of the works.

Eire Constructions completed this project incident and injury free.