A10 SPS Upgrade

Project Details

  • Address:Palm Drive, Gladstone QLD
  • Client:Gladstone Regional Council
  • Value:$1M
  • Start Date:May 2015
  • Finish Date:August 2015
Key Components: Sewer Bypass Management, Pump Station Upgrade, Concrete Constructions - Pavements,

Gladstone Regional Council commissioned the Gladstone A10 SPS Upgrade to enable emergency storage capacity and increased pumping capabilities at the pump station. The upgrade of the station was driven by the need for an increase in the performance of the station and to cater for future population growth.

Eire Constructions was selected from a strong field of local competitors to complete the works due to its reputation as an industry leader in the design and construction of Sewer infrastructure.

The works consisted of the conversion of the station from a dry well, wet well pumping configuration to a fully submersible pumping arrangement. The complexity of the works necessitated that Eire Constructions design, construct and manage a temporary bypass system that could be remotely monitored by both the construction team and the client.

Ancillary works included the demolition of existing switch room building, refurbishment of existing electrical installation, renewal of discharge pipework, construction of electrical plinths, corrosion protection of wet well, construction of access roads and hardstand.

A significant achievement for the project was the implementation of our WHSMP and SWMS to control the high risks associated with working in a contaminated atmosphere in a confined space.

The project was successfully delivered to the client incident and injury free.