Our Team

Peter Hodson

Peter Hodson

Mid North Coast Regional Manager

“I strive to provide solutions to projects, and build solid, trusting relationships with our clients”

Peter joined Eire Constructions in 2005, as Construction Manager and now Regional Manager Mid North Coast.

With 18 years’ experience in the Construction Industry Peter takes the lead with all construction projects in the Mid North Coast region.

Experience includes pipelines, pump stations, wastewater and water treatment plants as well as oil, gas and petrochemical plants.

Specialist experience with procurement, design, fabrication, installation, construction, maintenance and commissioning of pipework. 

Tadhg Kelliher

Tadhg Kelliher

Group Managing Director

“I am a problem solver and am committed to delivering our clients the most cost effective, high quality outcomes.”

Tadhg joined Eire in 2005 and now leads the Eire Constructions team operating Australia-wide across multiple locations. 

Tadhg’s combination of civil construction and project management qualifications, expertise and leadership make him an integral and invaluable part of our ongoing growth.

He is experienced in Sewer and Water Infrastructure, specialising in the construction of new sewerage pump stations, the upgrade of existing stations and construction of pipelines.

Catherine Grove

Catherine Grove

Finance Manager

“I lead, plan and direct the financial strategy of the business, to ensure we deliver quality projects on time and on budget”

Catherine is responsible for the financial health of Eire, and plays a key role in the executive team, providing leadership and direction in the overall management of the company.

Catherine joined Eire in 2010. Catherine specialises in cash flow management, financial reporting, forecast and budgeting, and legislative compliance.

Catherine is a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Financial Administration from UNE. As a past winner of Eire’s Employee of the Year and recipient of our Award for Outstanding Leadership, the financial wellbeing of Eire is certainly in good hands.

Eamon Kelliher

Eamon Kelliher

Executive Director

“The driving force behind our pipe laying teams”

Eamon Kelliher has been with Eire Constructions since 2003. Eamon’s position has evolved since joining as a pipe layer through to site supervisor, site manager and Executive Director.

Eamon’s role currently includes civil supervisor in capital asset construction and refurbishment projects.

He is experienced in all piping systems including both conventional and trenchless technology.

Eamon’s background includes project management, resource, production and time management.

Phillip Chaplin

Phillip Chaplin

WHS/QA Manager

“I am responsible for the compliant development, implementation, monitoring, maintenance and reporting of the company’s business management system”

With 38 years’ experience in Quality/WHS and Environmental management systems Phillip is a highly valued team member.

He is responsible for the long list of our contractual, legal and internal company requirements, including;

  • compliance auditing of plans
  • performance reporting
  • QA/QC processes
  • hazard identification and risk assessment
  • WHS management/ auditing
  • environmental management/auditing
  • compliance assessment and monitoring.

Phillip has been awarded Eire Employee of the Year and facilitated our crucial ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 4801 & ISO 14001 certification.


Jeff Maker

Jeff Maker

Senior Project Engineer

“My priorities are to provide a good foundation of planning, to maximise safety and quality standards, and to foster sustainable client relationships”

Jeff  brings eight years’ of valuable experience to the business, with a highlight being his involvement in a post tensioned bridge in South Africa (constructed for the FIFA World Cup 2010), that won a Design and Construct Award.

Jeff’s responsibilities include planning and costing, ensuring projects remain on program and on budget.

Jeff has vast experience in the areas of civil construction, building, rail and infrastructure with various Tier 1 companies such as Lend Lease, OHL and Abigroup Contracting.


Konrad Legge

Konrad Legge

Business Development Manager


Konrad joined the team in 2020 as Eire experienced considerable growth.

With extensive industry experience Konrad will work with our stakeholders, clients and the community to build positive partnerships across all locations.

Responsible for business strategy and growth, Konrad will lead our business development as we continue to find solutions to Civil Infrastructure projects Australia-wide.


Our team of experienced and dedicated site managers, engineers and administration staff work together to ensure the best results for our clients every time.