Eire Constructions is helping struggling kids learn to read through our partnership with Early Connections Port Macquarie Hastings. The new Literacy Team launched in 2019 to support children with one on one and group structured literacy.

A 2018 Report on Workforce Development Needs ‘Skilling: A National Imperative’ released by The Australian Industry Group highlighted specific needs for literacy and numeracy improvements. The report surveyed a number of different industries with the construction sector providing the largest group of responses (43.9 per cent).

“Literacy and Numeracy: with the workforce increasingly requiring foundation skills that include not only literacy and numeracy but digital literacy and advanced soft skills, it is disturbing that 99 percent of employers are affected in some way by low levels of literacy and numeracy in their workforce.

They are dissatisfied with the basic numeracy and literacy levels of over one-fifth of school leaver entrants. It is also a concern that dissatisfaction levels are high for the self-management, planning and organising, problem solving, initiative and enterprise skills of school leavers.” Skilling: A National Imperative

“As a regional employer and leading civil construction company we recognise the importance of providing foundation literacy skills to all young people. Early intervention for at risk kids will help children through their schooling and onto vocational education and employment. Eire is pleased to support the next generation,” said Tadhg Kelliher, Operations Manager.

“As an employer we see literacy and numeracy as critical skills for school leavers to succeed in all industries. Implementing intervention early reduces training costs for employers and the community in the future,” added Tadhg.

The Literacy Team will fill a vital need within our community for early literacy intervention with two focus areas:

1) Provide comprehensive assessments and interventions for children including individual and group literacy sessions to target children’s specific needs.

2) Deliver parent, teacher and teacher aide education with the inclusion of professional development and information sessions.

“Early Connections thanks Eire Constructions for their commitment to our literacy across the region. Up to twenty percent of children experience learning difficulties at school and families have struggled to find specialist support. We look forward to supporting more families with early intervention,” said Beth Todd, Director Early Connections.

The new Early Connections service will support families with children aged 4 – 12 to optimise literacy outcomes for all.

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