Luminosity Youth Summit has wrapped up for another year. Eire Constructions sponsored 50 young people to attend the event from outside the region. We caught up with Sophia Gibby-Loughrey aged 17 from Uralla NSW, who attended Luminosity Youth Summit for the first time thanks to the Eire Constructions Regional Sponsorship.

Sophia who was your favourite presenter and why?

It is almost impossible to choose a favourite speaker, as all were more than inspiring. However, if I absolutely had to chose, I’d say Jordan Nguyen. This is not because I have my own intense interest in neuroscience, although being interested did help. It was his stage presence and his ability to make you feel special and individual, despite maybe not always being number one in what you do, including school, and you still have the ability to achieve great things, and create a new front for the world with your own ideas.

What was the best part of the three day event for you?

I can’t pinpoint the best part of the 3 days at Luminosity because the whole experience was, in fact, the some of the greatest I have had in a very long time. It was something I had never had the privilege to experience before so my eyes were perpetually wide with pure fascination and excitement.

What was your biggest takeaway or aha moment?

I think the biggest takeaway for me was how much confidence Luminosity instilled in me. Although, the masterclass I attended with Andy Skidmore from Burn Bright Foundation, definitely cemented the realisation that I had the ability to be a great leader. I approached Andy with an idea I had that was already in the process of development, and he was able to confirm for me that this wasn’t a frivolous idea. He also gave me the opportunity to gather resources to help continue my endeavours.

What did it mean to you to receive the Eire Constructions Scholarship?

The Eire Constructions Scholarship not only gave me an opportunity that I would not have been able to have if it wasn’t for it, but also it helped to instilled the confidence in myself that I needed to move ahead with my ambitions for the future.
Thanks so much Sophia, we look forward to hearing more about your plans in the future. Did you attend Luminosity with an Eire scholarship? Drop us a line to let us know what your experience was of the three day event.