New online application streamlines process for volunteers and non profit leaders

Expressions of interest timeframe 1 October 2019 – 1 December 2019

Eire Constructions new ‘Applicant Friendly’ online form seeks expressions of interest from non profits and community groups. 

This year our application process is streamlined with concise key questions about your project and an easy online form. 

We’ve taken on board the feedback from the non-profit community and aim to simplify the expression of interest process so that your valuable time can be spent doing what you do best –  creating impact for people in your region. 

Apply today if you have a project that fits our criteria to: 

  • champion junior sports
  • protect the environment 
  • mobilise and strengthen health promotion
  • improve children’s education
  • spearhead a major community event

Along with your organisations details and the sponsorship request information we want to know the scope of your project: 

1) Summarise the project you’re seeking funding for in one sentence. A clear short explanation of what your project will do and why. 

2) Describe the project scope and how the funds will be used to meet the project aims. 200 words max.

3) Explain how your project addresses a need in the community. This is where you can illustrate your impact. 200 words max.

4) Outline how you will acknowledge the support of Eire Constructions. 100 words max.

Eire Constructions is looking for opportunities which have impact in the geographic area we operate. We’re proud to build communities and connections from Newcastle to the Mid North Coast. Our team works in the Hunter Valley, Port Macquarie Hastings, Manning and Great Lakes and the Macleay Valley. We’re keen to support these communities directly through #CommunityPartnerships so visit our Community Partnerships page and apply today. 

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