We are the Solution

We work collaboratively with our clients to deliver successful outcomes. Innovation is always at the forefront our approach to ensure that if there is a better cost effective way to do something, we’ll find it and do it.

Our Backbone

Staff retention is a key goal for our company. Our people are our greatest assets and herein comes our strength. We aim to ‘grow our own’ and provide careers for our valued employees.


‘We are what we say and we say what we do.’ We aim to ensure that our operations are transparent and that means no surprises for our clients.

Eire Constructions

Eire Constructions is a civil construction company specialising in road and utility construction, subdivisions and land development, water, sewer and drainage infrastructure. Based in Port Macquarie, we operate primarily on the Mid North Coast and across NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Eire has been providing quality and cost effective civil construction services for more than 40 years.

Recent Projects

  • Stoney Creek
    Stoney Creek Sewer Rising Main Replacement
  • Sewer Replacement
    Sewer Maintenance Hole Replacements

Recent News

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